Monday, June 8, 2009

On-Line Image Generators

It took me a while to finally get this picture, actually any picture, to be able to up-load to my blog. I enjoyed looking at the sites and had fun seeing what is out there. Since I had posted my son's video the other night, it was fairly easy for me to get the picture in to the post. Had I not already spent time with him, I think I would have been frustrated. This is a great way to show the world some of Guam and have fun doing it. I will definitely try this on my computer at home to see what other images I can use. I first went to and just had fun scrolling up and down. My daughter kept looking over my shoulder and trying to get me to go to different sites that looked interesting to her. Again, we will try it on our computer at the house. This can be a fun way to grab students' attention for assignments. This would be great especially for those that need visual cues. I would like to try and get some of my students to use these site to create some visuals for my room next year. We shall we see!

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A Day At The Ranch

A Day At The Ranch
My son trying to climb the niyok (coconut) tree