Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised while checking this site out. It allowed me to have access to multiple sites that have been tagged by multiple people. I can see a great use for this when doing research, especially if I need a starting point.

At this point I am not so sure about using it in my teaching, but I am sure given enough time to sit and soak it all in I might eventually find a use. At my school we are working on motivating our kids to first dress out and then to participate. We could set up one site for all of the teachers to ahve acces to. if someone finds a useful site, then he/she could add it to site for the rest of us. A site like could be very useful so that each of us would not have to remember the site to tell the others, we could just put it on one site and then the others could have easy access.

I will take some time to continue to absorb the new information that I am getting this week.

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A Day At The Ranch

A Day At The Ranch
My son trying to climb the niyok (coconut) tree